Selling remotely is not a new thing. It only has become the only option for sales organization to reach customers. Buyers have accepted remote mode long time ago. For many sellers, however, this seems new.

The best sellers have already been using remote technology successfully for years. They are successful no matter what media or discussion channel they use. Why is that? Lets have a closer look to this below.

Several sales organizations explain to themselves that this is transient. But it is not. Remote selling has come to stay. Even with solution selling.

What will change?

  • Buyer recognizes unprepared seller easier than before
  • Traditionally the seller’s “secret weapons”, interpersonal skills and strong charisma are no longer that important. Content is. A seller needs to quickly deliver value and even document their message in short written format.
  • Sales people cannot win without support from others, there are other players on the team too. And the importance to utilize other resources becomes stronger.
  • Sales management involvement will be more concrete than before to coach, support, steer and give feedback.
  • The time for spent in travelling can now be used in more efficient customer engagements such as seeking to meet key stakeholders 1:1 online appointments.

The use of time is going new. Time is not spent on travel and customer work, but on sparring and two-way encounters between sellers. And to prepare for them. Namely, these are often held, with everyone.

What will not change?

  • Sales still need to proactively find business opportunities
  • Preparation is as important as ever, however unprepared sales is more likely to fail than before
  • Hard-working and proactive salespeople can make contacts early, now and always
  • Following a proven methodology is the quickest way to learn

You can only learn to walk by starting to walk. Sales is a skill. You do not learn sales by reading books. Open Zooms and Teams to invite customers for a dialogue. It should not matter what tools do you use as long as you use them. If you cannot do that – we will help!

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