Considering sales transformation? Maybe thinking of moving the focus from product focus to solution and customer focus?

Few pieces of advise.

Efficient sales model utilizes new and traditional methods – and remote selling is here to stay. But so is physical interaction with people. An efficient sales process utilizes best practices of world class sales methodologies and apply them with modern practices.

Transformation must be supported by a system with a clear defined process to provide metrics to support the change. Customer management systems (CRM) can be easily customized to provide necessary support for sales to follow a defined sales model milestones.

Process ownership cannot be outsourced – change management is not a one-off project, it is a continuous development, that is never finished. Supportive functions can assist and act as hands and legs, however the ownership and responsibility of the long-term vision need to come from business owners. 

Buy-in from front line sales management is a must – front-line sales management, which need to lead by example, motivate and coach sales. The former “sales hero” need to step aside and enable sales teams to be successful.

Reward teams and people for following the process, not only sales revenue. A fair compensation policy is not easy. However as they say “you get what you measure”. There are no quick-fixes.

Sales cadence and sales coaching practice should not be separated – combining these two practices sales leaders can have a meaningful content and add value for sales conversations and opportunity reviews by asking sales teams the right questions.

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