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Training method that combines simulation and gamification

The years that we have spent working in the training industry have made us think differently. We started asking ourselves questions such as: How can we provide our clients with motivation and excitement, and therefore educate them to use a systematic process approach in their sales? How should we use a combination of the three main adult learning styles – auditory (listening), visual (seeing), and kinaesthetic (doing) – in practice?

Over a decade ago, we decided to incorporate the three main learning methods into one practical and exciting experience. Thus, the Simulation Game was born.

Combining the application of a game-based learning tool with the three adult learning styles, each individual is provided with an ideal learning environment tailored to their needs. This will motivate everyone to complete their tasks, learn the material, and retain all of the information for future reference. The main benefit of using game-based learning in a non-game context is the ability to customize the learning experience instead of being locked into one traditional pre-set, narrow path.

Systematic Sales Game is a modern ONLINE course designed to deliver meaningful content in a virtual environment. The experience was engaging. The Game walks you through a complex, B2B sales process where majority of the selling events happen remotely. The key aspect is the narrative story: it helps to visualize how to apply the concepts and strategies learned during the course. The Game helps to memorize and link the events in real life and increases your ability to absorb the content in a fun way! Hats off! This is cool. Highly recommended!

Fernando Serra, Global Product Manager, HILTI Group

How do we do this?

Our experts have several years of personal work experience in implementing a solutions-based sales culture within international organizations. During these projects, our experts leverage their deep understanding of customer buying behaviour to design a proven and repeatable sales system for our clients. The main point of this process is to systematise the client’s sales activities and to mould sales management to their business needs. Over the years our experts have amassed experience from organizations in the high technology, ICT, and manufacturing sectors, as well as from their work in process and industrial services.

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Does your organization struggle with the following?:


Customers and buyers are more educated than ever when buying your products and services – this leads to profit erosion and difficulties in differentiating yourself from the competition.


The customers’ decision making process is becoming ever more complex due to an increasing number of decision makers – this leads to long sales cycles and difficulties in allocating resources to the most promising opportunities.


A complex organizational structure can lead to a requirement for more efficient communications than ever before for sales and customer-facing teams – the solutions-based sales approach places a focus on teamwork over solo efforts.


Even after massive investment in your company’s CRM system, its adoption rate is not what you had planned – your sales force is still not using the CRM system and tools on a daily basis.

And how can we help you and your organization?


By catalysing your development – simulating real-life cases in collaboration with stakeholders


We provide you with hands-on tools and practical methods – no mumbo jumbo, just real, practical job aids ready to be implemented immediately in your daily work


Continuous development with follow-up – it is important for us that our clients reach their goals, which is why we always provide ongoing support and facilitate our client’s development journey with the help of workshops, training, coaching and status reviews. The process takes time, but client success is our success.


All of our communications are based on real-life cases – we combine a proven methodology with our previous clients’ success stories to create a winning formula


We act as your guide – over the years we have helped small and large organizations to successfully exceed their sales expectations. Our role in working with smaller organizations is providing them with our expertise, whereas larger organizations often mainly benefit from us simplifying their practices and providing them with exceptional hands-on tools.

Our experts have a proven track record of ‘walking the talk’ in sales and sales management tasks, combined with in-depth experience in world-class sales methodologies, such as solution selling, customer centric selling, spin selling, and value selling.

The methods that we apply to boost and strengthen the implementation of our approach:

  • Simulations of real-life scenarios
  • Workshops and collaboration
  • Instructor-led class room discussions and case studies
  • Role playing and situational feedback
  • Personal and team coaching through sales cases
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