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Systematic selling has been successfully deployed, worldwide, across numerous industries such as manufacturing, industrial services, oil and gas, mining and construction as well as engineering. That being said, systematic sales approach is a match for Business to Business sales , especially where the purchase is considered “complex” or there is more than one person involved in the buying process.

During the course you will learn a dynamic step-by-step approach for first understanding and shaping your buyers concerns, then helping those same buyers visualize the capability of your offerings.

This environment is a combination of ONLINE training course with gamification elements. In the course you will meet recorded video clips, technically animated story (game) followed by quizzes and supportive workbook materials (pdf) and practical sales tools that you can download (.ppt)

The Course has 10 Modules where the Modules 5-9 are the main TRAINING content and Modules 1-4 ac as foundation building and conceptual introductions. The module 10 acts as a summary.

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Petteri Laine
+358 50 322 9107

Systematic Sales Game is a modern ONLINE course designed to deliver meaningful content in a virtual environment. The experience was engaging. The Game walks you through a complex, B2B sales process where majority of the selling events happen remotely. The key aspect is the narrative story: it helps to visualize how to apply the concepts and strategies learned during the course. The Game helps to memorize and link the events in real life and increases your ability to absorb the content in a fun way! Hats off! This is cool. Highly recommended!

Fernando Serra, Global Product Manager, HILTI Group

I had the opportunity to participate in an innovative training that presented negotiation modules using “gamification”. This emphasized the absorption of knowledge through systematic learning content. The whole context was based on a very engaging sales story, bringing everyday themes like selling a systematic solution. A team trained in this platform will certainly be engaged and deliver results and increase productivity.

Helcio Penser Theotonio, Brazil

I have not normally been very interested in web based self-learning tools. I have found them boring and uninteresting. This Game-based cocept changed that. The Systematic Sales ONLINE game got me interested from the start. Short videos and work files that helped to build understanding about the sales method and animated videos with check questions to see and better understand how they are applied in practice kept me interested. It was easy to use and digest in small parts when I had the time and mood to do it. The way the process is presented is very target oriented & practical and brings sales practices to 21st century with participatory and co-creative interaction with client still keeping tight sales focus. I got many insights that I have already used in my client work with success!

Pertti Helminen, Leadership consultant, ICG

Modules and Lessons of the Game

Getting Started

Module 1. Course Navigation

Module 2. Why Systematic Approach in Selling?

Module 3. Customer Buying Process

Module 4. Aligned Sales Process with Buying Process

Module 5. Target planning

Module 6. Develop an Opportunity

Module 7. Identify Key Players 

Module 8. Develop and Propose a Solution 

Module 9. Negotiate

Module 10. Summary